What we do

Njorth Bio_ is an enzyme development company that creates sustainable solutions for the health industry with the use of industrial enzymes – even those that were previously considered unsuitable for commercialization due to prohibitive costs. In this way, we are able to help address a very significant global problem. 

The problem

Universities worldwide are overwhelmed with promising scientific ideas. They are under tremendous pressure to get them to market quickly, and yet many never make it to market at all due to lack of time, lack of resources, and lack of funding.

How we fix it

Njorth Bio_ has the expertise and the resources to get your idea to market fast – at no cost or risk to you. If you are a scientist*, a university/TTO representative, or a private company sitting on great ideas that need some extra scientific or market development, we have the solution.

We’ve developed a platform to help commercialize innovative, bio-based ideas that we call the ‘Shared-Resource Solution’. Instead of creating an expensive company for each individual idea, we accept ideas into our pre-existing company infrastructure and allow the group of ideas to share our resources and the expenses of running a single company. This significantly cuts costs for each individual idea, allowing ideas that were formerly impossible to commercialize due to financial restrictions to become suddenly affordable. We then use our expertise and global connections from science, finance and market to pave the way for product commercialization. Njorth Bio_ specializes in enzyme development and the upgrade of biomass value in an effort to create health-benefiting products for both humans and animals, but our expertise extends to other scientific arenas and fields of interest as well. Just ask. 

The Shared Resource Solution allows us to not only assist in the development of some of the top ideas at your organization, but even those that have faced difficulties due to financial hurdles. 

See a non-exhaustive list of our services here.

* This is intended only for scientists whose ideas have been declined by their university and have confirmed freedom to operate. If you are unsure of where you stand please check with your university first, as they always have the first right of refusal.

No risk – just rewards

This is a platform you can use regardless of where you are in the world, and you don’t have to invest any money or leave your current job. We only ask that we are allowed to share in the rewards with you when your idea becomes a success.

Only need a little help?

We also offer our services to companies and TTOs on a consultancy basis. Contact us for more information.