Njorth Bio_cure

Developing health products from biomass

Projects at our company often originate from the upgrade of biomass, where a product has shown the potential to improve the health of humans and/or animals. Our area of expertise lies in the use of enzymes on biomass for mild extraction/treatment protocols, eliminating the need for aggressive or toxic compounds and creating gentler, more natural health solutions. Typically we have what we need right here at our labs to develop an idea, but we also have the ability to acquire additional tools from our scientific partners worldwide.

Getting to market

But it’s not only scientific contacts that are important – it’s essential to get your idea to market as quickly as possible to experience the biggest rewards. Njorth Bio_cure has partners already active in the market who can introduce products to potential customers almost immediately, allowing for instantaneous feedback on market response, initiating cycles of improvement, and continued product testing until we get your idea just right. And since we prefer to manufacture the results of a projects ourselves, we help idea owners to maintain control of the final product.

Making a difference

Let us help you to make the world a better place through your research. Who knows what kernel of an idea could turn into the next scientific breakthrough? Contact us today.