The Njorth Bio_ daughter companies

Each with its own area of expertise

At Njorth Bio_, we want to be the best at what we do. That is why we have created 3 daughter companies that each focus on their own area of scientific expertise – and only that. The path to commercialization may take an idea through just one company (and one area of expertise), or it may take the idea through all 3. Click on the links below to discover where your idea fits.

Cutting Edge Enzyme Development

Do you have an idea for a product that can be manufactured through fermentation? If so, Njorth Bio_boost AS could be the home for your project. Although we work primarily with enzymes, we also have experience with other proteins that have functional properties, so nothing is off-limits.

Gain a Boost

Upgrading of Biomass Value

Njorth Bio_trim aims to connect the upgrade of biomass value with tools from the enzyme and bioprocessing world, devising new methods to create value from biomass. We bring a variety of expertise to the application of enzymes and the use of processing systems. Our access to enzymes is on a global scale, starting with the common and extending into the unique. All this comes together in one shared resource platform in order to help you, the customer, make the most of your scientific research.

Get a Trim

Health Products Derived from Biomass

Do you have an idea for a product that is missing from the nutraceutical or health-supplement market? If so, Njorth Bio_cure AS could be the home for your project. Projects at our company often originate from the upgrade of biomass, where a subset of products show the potential to create health benefits in humans and/or animals

Find a Cure

The “fourth” daughter. A New Company Featuring Your Idea

There is a fourth category of company that has the potential to be born – but its future is in your hands. If you are interested in the services of Njorth Bio_ but feel that your research doesn’t fit neatly into one of our pre-established daughter companies, it could be possible for us to start an entirely new company with your project in mind. All ideas are worth exploring.

Make a Spark