Who is Njorth Bio_?

The origin of our name

In the time of Norse gods there lived a particular god called Njorth (in Nordic writing spelled Njord). His name was often invoked to help crops flourish, and is perhaps best known for his irrevocable relationship with the sea. He was frequently called upon to assist in fishing, seafaring, and crop fertility, and to grant wealth to those who sought his aid. Much like its namesake, Njorth Bio_ is also bound to the resources from land and sea and seeks to turn those resources into riches.

The significance of our Arctic location

The mother company of Njorth Bio_ has chosen the Arctic town of Tromsø, Norway as its primary seat of operations, despite its remote location. The waters around Tromsø are unusually cold, dark, and deep, harboring a biodiversity hundreds of times higher than that of milder climates. Many microorganisms have adapted their bodies over time to be able to survive in this harsh environment, developing cold-adapted properties that allow them to function very well at very low temperatures. This gives the enzymes derived from this area a broader range of utility, especially in industries where cold temperatures are a necessity, such as in food processing and preservation, or in the pharmaceutical industry.

But there is something else that is special about Tromsø. Tromsø is an island on the west coast of Norway, and it is located right in the path of the Gulf Stream, keeping the climate surprisingly habitable. Even in the winter, it rarely dips below -8 C. It is because of this mild climate where people can live comfortably so close to all this extreme biodiversity that Tromsø has become a major research hub in the field of marine biotechnology. Many scientists and biotech companies have been drawn to the area, providing Njorth Bio_ with a solid local network of world-class researchers with well-documented collections. This, combined with the central location of UiT – The Arctic University of Norway and other world-class research institutions, has created a flourishing biotechnology industry in this region. We can’t think of a better place to be located!

Our mission

To be the seat for the commercialization of industrial enzymes by giving scientists and budding entrepreneurs in the field of biodiscovery the opportunity to create commercial products. We do this through the creation of unique enzymes that are then used to upgrade biomass value. This is accompanied by a rigorous business strategy, focused on identifying potential customers and delivering a product to them quickly and at the right price. We aim to boost the bio-economy while keeping businesses locally owned and operated in a time of big-business consolidation.

Our business philosophy

At Njorth Bio_, we know that many research-based ideas go unused for a variety of reasons, and it is a burden on society when valuable ideas are unable to create tangible value. But commercializing research isn’t only about money – much of this unused research can make a big impact on quality of life, potentially on a global scale. That is the real tragedy in unexploited research. Therefore, we believe in working on projects that are not only financially viable, but contribute to making the world a better place.