Enabling the risk-free commercialization of industrial enzymes

Njorth Bio_ takes industrial enzymes from idea to market - even those previously considered unsuitable for value creation


The percentage of university-based research that stays stuck in the lab. We want to reduce this number through the commercialization of industrial enzymes that may have otherwise been forgotten.


The number of enzyme found in the human body alone – and this is just the beginning. We aim to harness the power of industrial enzymes from any and all sources and put them to use in commercial settings.


The percentage of funding that we will secure to launch your idea – either through personal funds or governmental support. We expect no investment from the individual scientist or the university.

About Njorth Bio_

We believe that the commercialization of industrial enzymes isn’t only about making money. It’s about making a positive and sustainable impact on quality of life.

The Daughter Companies

Each has its own area of expertise. Click on a company to find out more.

Enzyme Development Does your idea need some tweaking in the enzyme department? Let our scientists help.

Gain a Boost

Biomass Upgrade Do you want to make your biomass material more valuable? We have a platform for that.

Get a Trim

Health Products Is your idea ready to hit the market and enter the health industry? You belong in Bio_cure.

Find a Cure

Create a Company Maybe your idea doesn’t fit into one of our pre-existing companies. No problem. Let’s make one.

Make a Spark

Our Team

Science. Finance. Market. We’ve got it all covered.